Huna has come to Arizona

Live Positively and Purposefully

Huna has come to Arizona

May 1, 2018 Huna Wisdom and Practices 0

We have only just begun….

What a great kick-off it was on Saturday! Such a great group. I think this summer is going to be very exciting as we explore Hawaiian Wisdom and Practices.

I am so happy to share some of the ancient wisdom that so characterized the Hawaiian people. To be able to practice a technique they used, and then have that experience to take home and apply to your life –  that is what we are going to be doing.

At our inaugural event we did The Hakalau meditation. Have you heard of it?  It is a gentle meditation where the energy opens resources that might otherwise be inaccessible such as solutions to problems you would not have normally thought of. It also helps you to take in more information than before and retain it. It’s very useful for students and professionals alike.

Then we moved on to The Hiolani meditation, and that was a great success. The word Hiolani means to lean on the light. When you are meditation with this one, anything that is not the darkness is “light.” In Hawaii it is often used to start each day.

One of my mentors, Auntie Bernie Konanui used to say that these meditations are used to “clear away the clutter.”  When a person is able to block out the surface level clutter and noise of daily existence and delve into the deeper secret [cause, root,] of an issue or problem, they would be described as having “the huna”, the ability to find the concealed wisdom.

She explained that most people are unable to do this and those who do find it are empowered and able to find success and happiness in their life. Isn’t that what we are all looking for, a way to figure it all out? Who am I, Why am I here, and How do I achieve happiness and fulfillment? I think so.

If you are in the Scottsdale area, come join us.

During our next meeting we will be talking about negative emotions and how the Hawaiians handled them as they arose.

Visit again. I will have much to share as we explore Hawaiian Wisdom and Practices

Till next time.

Live positively and purposefully

Aloha, Donna

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