How to Choose the Right MeetUp Group or Workshop….

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How to Choose the Right MeetUp Group or Workshop….

May 19, 2018 Huna Wisdom and Practices 4

Everyday I see a new MeetUp group starting up in the valley. Many are focused on popular topics like self-help, consciousness, empowerment, etc.

How do you pick the approach that is right for you?

Honestly I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all answer. Each approach or set of teachings has something to offer. In Hawai’i many people believe that not all wisdom is in one school. The Hawaiian saying that roughly translates to that hung over Master Kumu Hula Uncle George Na’ope’s halau (school) door. It read, ‘A ‘Ohe Pau Ko ‘Ike I Kou Halau. In my many years I have found this to be true. Knowledge and wisdom come from many experiences. I have also found that the greatest truths seem to be found in more than one school, in the commonalities.

So, here are a few things to ask when you are searching for answers to your question,

“Where do I go?”

Your time is valuable so you want to get something back when you invest it somewhere. When you are considering signing up for something some things to consider are:

  • Will it work? Does it get results for you? Is it proven over time?
  • Does it address the issues that are at the root of what you are truly seeking? Give this some serious thought and be honest.
  • Is it in alignment with your basic values and beliefs and is it interesting to you?
  • Is it presented by someone who is knowledgeable, skilled, and has the wisdom that comes with years of experience practicing the teachings themselves?
  • Can/does the teacher convey the information and lead you through the practices in a way that you get your results?

And most important for me….

  • Does the presenter have personal integrity and sufficient self-awareness to put the student’s interest first? Is the instructor’s goal to share the information so that the student can become more empowered to direct their own life in the pursuit of their personal goals?

A final comment is to remember that you don’t get something for nothing. There is always some energy exchange required by the universe. But neither do you have to pay exhaustive amounts of money to get quality, valuable information. There are many dedicated teachers whose path it is to share the teachings they have been gifted with. In conclusion, there is an old Native American saying that goes something like this, “True wisdom is not that which speaks to your mind but that which speaks to your soul.” So, listen to your gut/soul; it’s usually right.

4 Responses

  1. Di says:

    I really appreciate that insightful and valuable information, Donna. Thank you! The number of options on topics that interest me seems to just keep growing and it can seem a little overwhelming at times. With the information you provided I can stop before I choose from the options, breathe, align my conscious, unconscious, and higher selves, and when centered, trust that what I sense looks/sounds/feels right for me at that particular time has something to offer. I don’t always know what the lesson will be – lord knows, it’s not always what I thought it would be or even what I went there for, but I do know there is always a lesson.

    • Dstuart21 says:

      Thank you for sharing. You’re right. Finding the lessons is so important. As we learned in the last class/meeting releasing negative emotions helps us have the resources to do that instead of just feeling like we are the victim. The release of negative emotions, Ho’o Ku’u, and the forgiveness process, Ho’oponopono, are two of the steps in aligning our three levels of consciousness. In future classes/meetings we will be exploring the conscious, unconscious, and higher consciousnesses and the role each of them plays in our personal world and being. We will talk about how they are related to each other and, as you said, the importance of their being aligned when making decisions and setting goals. It’s important that the channels be clear and direct in order to bring in the Mana, energy, that is required to manifest thought into thing. Not to worry for those of you who missed those classes we will be repeating them again in the near future. In addition to creating alignment among our three levels of consciousnesses, it is also important to have proper balance among our four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Building a strong relationships within ourselves is essential. That’s why I like the Hawaiian systems. They are, I think, the simplest and yet most effective practices in personal and spiritual growth, exploration, and empowerment. Thank you again for your comments. I hope to see you this Saturday for Ho’oponopono. It’s going to be fun and exciting. Aloha.

  2. Kristen says:

    This posting is very helpful!

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